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Smartphones can be especially handy for those who drive an electric vehicle, particularly to help locate and facilitate battery charging via public stations when needed. Here’s a quick look at some of the apps for EV owners.

Digital Opportunities in Electric Vehicles – EVIT

Mobile applications are beneficial in the following verticals

  •  The mobile application can share the location, Number of charge ports, wait time, and available protocol technology of charging stations.
  • Mobile application to monitor the EV on battery condition, available charge, nearest charging station, and on-air software updates.
  • Mobile application that can access EV fleet rentals, booking EVs for rentals, and manage payments.
  • Mobile applications that provide a virtual experience of an EV.
  • BP Pulse has signed a contract with software provider Jumptech to use its charge point installation platform to help drive business growth and faster expansion of the UK electric vehicle market. From scheduling installations for specific Homecharge electricians to ensuring that all necessary information and images are captured for compliance purposes via the Jumptech mobile app.
  • CHARGEHUB is a tool that can help find and plot a course to the closest public charging stations regardless of the network. It also offers access to helpful EV resources and allows users to share their charging experiences at given locations with other EV owners. The developer says it has an active community of more than 100,000 participants.
  • CHARGEPOINT – This app finds the nearest available units within the ChargePoint network of over 52,000 charging spots, and also allows users to browse for stations from other major networks. Searches can be filtered to only show units that specifically work with a user’s vehicle. A driver can initiate and pay for charging with a tap and receive real-time updates regarding his or her vehicle’s status. The app can also be used to connect with and control a ChargePoint home charging station.
  • CHARGEWAY – Working with multiple charging networks, Chargeway only shows available stations that work with a user’s particular vehicle, network, and preferred charging level. The app provides information on restaurants and shops near a selected station that owners can visit while their vehicles are charging. The app can estimate how log it will take to reach a full charge, and can plan a road trip, choosing the fastest way to get there with sufficient charging opportunities, and providing estimated charging times for each stop along the way. It even includes a weather tracking function.
  • EVGO – The EVgo charging network boasts 1,050 DC fast chargers at 700 stations and its related app helps EV owners locate them and easily pay for the cost of charging. It provides real-time availability of nearby chargers, with turn-by-turn directions to a selected unit. Users can initiate a charge with a simple swipe of the phone, manage their accounts, and even contact customer service directly from the app.
  • PLUGSHARE – This EV app guides users to public charging locations around the world. Stations are searchable by area, network and the type of connection used. It details which locations require payment and which are currently in use, with user comments on and photos of each station. The app can also facilitate payment. It also includes a trip planner that can help plot a course to a given destination based around active charging spots.
  • OPEN CHARGE MAP – This non-commercial, non-profit service is hosted and supported by a community of businesses, charities, developers, and other interested parties. It’s an extensive global search tool for finding charging stations. The service claims to maintain in its database nearly 136,000 units in over 67,500 locations. Public stations can be searched according to distance, location, and the charging network, and the app can be used to check the vehicle’s current charging level and status.
  • TESLA – If you own a Tesla, you’ll certainly want to download the automaker’s app. It helps users find any of the 11,583 Tesla Supercharger fast-charging stations at 1,386 locations globally. Owners can use the app to monitor the process and get notifications when the vehicle reaches a full charge.
  • MyGreenCar is the type of app one would use before selecting an EV. A researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory created this app that lets drivers virtually test drive green vehicles. Users download the app, choose a few EVs they’re interested in and then drive their own car as usual. The app records data on y driving style—such as how brake and acceleration applied, fast or slow—and conditions on regular routes such as traffic and hills. It also compares the fuel costs in the car versus selected EVs and predicts range viability and charging needs.
  • Scoot Networks developed a shared mobility platform where one can rent fast, one-way trips riding an electric motor scooter, electric bicycle, or electric kick scooter which you activate with your smartphone. Scoot was the first company to make electric vehicles available to rent with an app, starting with a small fleet of electric Motors, or mopeds, in San Francisco in 2012. Scoot expanded to Santiago and Barcelona to fleets of thousands of electric vehicles, including motos, e-bikes, and kick scooters.

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This is a part of the EV  Digital Opportunities series

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