This is a part of the EV Innovation Intelligence series

These are themed around critical questions and aspects that our clients have asked. While there’s a significant diversity of topics among the posts, a common theme for all the posts is innovation.
The following are the posts in this series.
  1. Are EV startups different from startups in other industries?
  2. Are innovations possible in mature products such as electric motors?
  3. Will EVs have a different manufacturing paradigm compared to conventional vehicles?
  4. Will the adoption path for EV innovations similar to those for innovations in other industries?
  5. If batteries are the new oil, what are the old oil companies doing about it?
  6. Did COVID-19 change anything fundamentally for the EV sector?
  7. Could solar power play a big role in the EVs ecosystem?
  8. Will the world face Lithium scarcity in future?
  9. Will material sciences have a dominant role to play in EV industry?
  10. What are the viable pathways for the electrification of heavy vehicles?
  11. Will ultrafast EV battery charging become commonplace by 2030?
  12. Can innovative sales and financing models accelerate EV adoption significantly?
  13. Is it possible for small battery startups to beat big giants?
  14. The Million Mile Battery – is it a big deal?
  15. Can entirely new battery chemistries overtake Li-ion chemistry?
  16. Why is there a buzz around electric aviation?
  17. Is micromobility a big deal for EVs?
  18. Between battery charging and swapping, which will become dominant by 2030?
  19. Will China dominate EVs the way it did many other industries including solar power?
  20. Are EVs just conventional cars with batteries in place of IC engines?
  21. Why software is more important to e-mobility than to conventional mobility
  22. Will fuel cells overtake batteries to become the dominant form of EV storage?
  23. Is there more to electric vehicles than electric cars, scooters, bikes, buses and trucks?
  24. How EVs are viewed differently in different countries
  25. Why is Tesla’s valuation so high? And will it last?