This is a part of the EV  Digital Opportunities series

EV fleet management software solutions provide a range of benefits to both fleets comprising both conventional vehicles and EVs. They allow you to simply view, monitor and manage fleet activity and offer support to drivers when necessary, resulting in increased efficiency of operations.

Digital Opportunities in Electric Vehicles – EVIT



  • Fleet management software with Gps tracking, AI-enabled to process real-time data to learn, finetune, and provide optimal energy usage strategy
  • Fleet management software that can monitor battery quality, SOC, vehicle condition, and intimate the maintenance due of each vehicle.
  • Fleet management software with AI-powered software for electric vehicles charging with real-time control, charging profile calculation algorithms, OCPP webservers, IoT communication, or hardware controllers for charge points and electric vehicles with proper standards.
  • Fleet management software with IoT to gather data for ensuring the condition and safety of fleet vehicles, the safety of the fleet route, etc.


  • Driivz smart cloud-based platform spans EV charging operations and network management, energy management tools, bespoke billing functionality, and self-service tools.
  • GreenFlux is currently active in 21 countries on 5 continents. With +10 years of experience in the EV industry, they are proud to be a pioneer in the field of fleet management and smart EV charging solutions.
  • MyGeotab EV support has developed unique capabilities to access critical EV data, ensuring your EVs will have strong data support today, and in the future, as you grow your EV fleet.
  • Electriphi Inc, Fleet and Energy Management for Electric Vehicles develop EV fleet and energy management solutions that save energy costs, increase reliability, and simplifies the transition to electric vehicle fleets.
  • Enel X offers a suite of smart electric vehicle charging solutions that help fleet managers reduce operating costs while meeting sustainability goals in a number of use cases.
  • From workflows and compliance to battery range and total cost of ownership: Teletrac Navman‘s telematics platform tells you when to switch to EVs, guides you through the conversion process, and helps you manage your entire fleet every step of the way, all in one platform. The software provides safety analytics, fleet state analytics, vehicle recommendations and charging infrastructure support, and en route charging station details.
  • By using Truck Attribute Data with Paragon routing and scheduling software, fleets can more easily create achievable transport plans that avoid truck restrictions such as low bridges, or roads where weight restrictions apply. The route optimization plan will automatically calculate transport plans that prevent detours, reducing mileage, and streamlining the creation of cost-effective, feasible transport plans. This software module provides truck attribute data (height, weight, width, and length) for use with the standard Paragon map or street level map. This enables this restriction information to be applied to roads within Paragon.
  • BluWave-ai‘s software-as-a-service provides informed and intelligent management of EV resources. Using data from utilities, energy markets, renewable generation forecasts, and operational data, it enables operators to shift the load to reduce peaks and net energy costs and implement demand-response and other services. AI-enabled solutions use data in real-time to continuously learn, fine-tune and provide an optimal energy usage strategy for the entire depot, offloading the fleet and building management from dealing with this complex task, and saving millions of dollars. An AI-enabled energy optimization solution brings the electric utility control room capability into the fleet depot and lays the groundwork for successful fleet electrification.
  • Samsara Fleet management software solution with real-time GPS tracking, routing, and more in one system. it also analyses the vehiles to identify the weakest and suggest replacement options using the Fleet Electrification Report. Surface the potential cost savings and carbon emission reductions, to start electrification plans, Track and monitor electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and get alerted when vehicles are running low on battery, Optimize EV fleet with map overlays and real-time visibility into fuel and energy levels and nearby charging stations. Samsara’s portfolio of complete Internet of Things (“IoT”) solutions combine hardware, software, and cloud to bring real-time visibility, analytics, and AI to operations.
  • Ampcntrol intelligent AI-powered software for electric vehicles charging with real-time control, charging profile calculation algorithms, OCPP webservers, IoT communication, or hardware controllers for charge points and electric vehicles with proper standards. Ampcontrol offers multiple options of optimizations so fleets can choose the right one for their needs. Cluster your charging stations or vehicles, which allows fleet managers to optimize every location differently. Fleets select one of the AI-models, which makes getting started with Ampcontrol and smart charging easy.

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This is a part of the EV  Digital Opportunities series

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